Hi. I’m Sam.

I grew up in Danvers, Massachusetts, the creepiest town in America. Site of the Salem witch hunt hysteria, birthplace of the lobotomy and backyard to 30 nuclear missiles. Maybe something was in the water that would possess a son of two accountants to go into advertising. But so far, it’s been working out pretty well.

Over my career, I tested the honesty of America for Honest Tea and transformed moviegoers into "Human Joysticks" for Msnbc.com. I helped the E-Trade baby crawl away with his dignity and spread IBM's passion for design, sciencemath and play across social media. I helped fight hate at barbershops and end peanut butter’s unhealthy relationship with jelly. Then there's that time I brought national acclaim to an unconventional New York City rat.
For this creative director and copywriter, life is good. It sure beats going on trial for witchcraft. 




Big ideas, integrated campaigns, TV, radio, OOH, print, digital, activations, stunts, buzz, social, games, consumer and B2B writing, innovation, taglines, manifestos, docu-style videos, case study videos, leading teams, mentoring




Gold, Outdoor / Honest Tea “The Honest Store”
Gold, Design Posters / IBM “THINK Exhibit Posters”
Silver, Cyber Branded Content / Use of Social Media / IBM “Fractal Fest”
Bronze, Cyber Corporate Image & Communications Campaign / IBM” “IBMblr Play”
Bronze, Print & Poster Campaign / IBM “THINKx20 Patent Posters”
Shortlist, Cyber Online Digital Design / IBM “Fractal Fest”
Shortlist, Cyber Social Celebrity/Blogger Outreach / IBM “IBMblr Play"
Shortlist, Cyber / Msnbc.com “Spectra Visual Newsreader”
Shortlist, Viral Marketing / IBM “IBMblr”


Gold, Interactive Integrated Branding Campaign / Msnbc.com “A Fuller Spectrum of News”
Gold, Interactive Brand Gaming Offline / Msnbc.com “NewsBreaker Live”
Merit, Integrated Campaign / Msnbc.com “A Fuller Spectrum of News”
Merit, Cinema Advertising Single / Msnbc.com “NewsBreaker Live”
Merit, Interactive Branded Applications Web / Msnbc.com “Spectra Visual Newsreader"
Merit, Interactive Brand Gaming Offline / Msnbc.com “NewsArcade”
Merit, Game / Msnbc.com “NewsBreaker”
Merit, Experiential Advertising Single / Honest Tea “The Honest Store”
Merit, Consumer TV Under $50K / Fatty Golf Open “Hamburger”
Merit, Interactive Web Banner / MiningCompany.com “Splat"
Bronze, Outdoor Design Transit Campaign / IBM “THINK Exhibit Posters” 
Merit, Collateral Design Posters Series / IBM “THINKx20 Patent Posters”
Merit, Design Craft Typography IBM “THINKx20 Patent Posters”
Merit, Interactive Craft Typography / IBM “THINKx20 Patent Posters”
Merit, Best Social Media Page By A Brand / IBM “IBMblr"
Shortlist (TBD), Moving Image Craft: Use of Music / SunnyD “Drink to Your Own Beat”


Silver, Award Innovative Media / Honest Tea “The Honest Store”
Silver, Posters / IBM “THINK Exhibit Posters”
Silver, Design / IBM “THINKx20 Patent Posters” 
Bronze, Branded Entertainment - Event Experiential / IBM “IBMblr Play”
Bronze, Fashion & Beauty, Social Good / Barba  "Strand For Trans"
Shortlist, Radio Campaign / CDNOW.com “If We’ve Got This”
Shortlist, Social / IBM “IBM Fractal Fest”


Advertising Nontraditional / Honest Tea “The Honest Store”
Interactive Environmental Entertainment / msnbc.com “NewsBreaker Live”
Interactive Information Design / Msnbc.com “Spectra Visual Newsreader”
Interactive Social Series / IBM “Fractal Fest”


Wood Pencil, Websites Interface & Navigation / Msnbc.com “Spectra Visual Newsreader”
Shortlist, Earned Media Campaign / Honest Tea “The Honest Store”


Winner, Integrated Advertising Campaign / Msnbc.com “A Fuller Spectrum of News”
Winner, Social Education & Discovery / IBM “Play!”
Winner, Best Photography & Graphics Social / IBM “Fractal Fest”
Winner, People's Voice, Best Social Community Building & Engagement / Barba  "Strand For Trans"
Nominee, Best Blog - Business Websites / IBM “IBMblr”
Nominee, Business Products & Services Interactive Media / IBM “IBMblr”
Nominee, Social Corporate Communications / IBM “Fractal Fest”
Nominee, Best Visual Design Website / Msnbc.com “Spectra Visual Newsreader”
Nominee, Interactive Game or App / Msnbc.com “Spectra Visual Newsreader”
Nominee, News Website / Msnbc.com “Spectra Visual Newsreader”
Honoree, Webby For Good / Barba "Strand For Trans"
Honoree, Best Writing Social / IBM “IBMblr”


Bronze, Posters / IBM “THINKx20 Patent Posters”
Merit, Design /  IBM “Fractal Fest”
Merit, Digital Campaign / IBM “IBMblr”
Merit, Installation / IBM “Play!”
Merit, TV Single / Fatty Golf Open “Hamburger”
Merit, TV Single / Fatty Golf Open “Lost”
Merit, Radio Campaign / CDNOW.com “If We’ve Got This”
Merit, Radio Single / CDNOW.com “Daler Mehndi”
Merit, Radio Single / CDNOW.com “Florence Foster Jenkins”
Merit, Radio Single / CDNOW.com “Throat Singer”
Merit, Radio Single / CDNOW.com “Who Stole the Kishka?”
Merit, Use of Social Media / IBM “Play!”


Gold, Small Budget Campaign / Msnbc.com “A Fuller Spectrum of News”
Bronze, Small Budget Campaign / Barba “Strands for Trans”
Bronze, Multicultural & Lifestyle/ Barba “Strands for Trans”
Finalist, Beverages (Non-Alcohol) / Honest Tea “Most Honest City”
Finalist, Software & Apps, IBM "Play!"


AICP Awards, Winner, TV Spec / Sapporo “Samurais”
Ad Age Small Agency Awards, Silver, Campaign of Year, B2B / Barba "Strand For Trans"
Addy District 2, Gold, Integrated Campaign / CDNOW.com “If We’ve Got This”
Addy District 2, Gold, Radio Campaign / CDNOW.com “If We’ve Got This”
Addy District 10 , Best in Show, TV Campaign / Fatty Golf Open
Addy District 10, Gold, TV Campaign / Fatty Golf Open
Addy District 10, Gold, TV Single / Fatty Golf Open “Four”
Addy District 10, Gold, TV Single x / Fatty Golf Open “Hamburger”
Addy District 10, Gold, TV Single / Fatty Golf Open “Hill”
Addy District 10, Gold, TV Single / Fatty Golf Open “Lost”
Andy Awards, Bronze, Msnbc.com “NewsBreaker Live”
Athena Awards, Bronze, Newspaper Campaign / CDNOW.com “Top Ten”
Buzz Awards, Bronze: Msnbc.com “NewsBreaker Live”
Buzz Awards, Merit, Integrated Campaign / Clios “Creative Liberation Intelligence Organization”
Echo Awards, Silver, B2B Professional Services IBM “IBMblr”
Echo Awards, Shortlist, B2B Social / IBM “Fractal Fest”
Flashforward Film Festival, Winner / Msnbc.com “Spectra Visual Newsreader” 
FWA, Site of the Month / Msnbc.com “Spectra Visual Newsreader” 
FWA, Site of the Day / Msnbc.com “Spectra Visual Newsreader” 
Jay Chiat Planning Awards, Merit, Integrated / Msnbc.com “A Fuller Spectrum of News”
Mixx Awards, Silver, Integrated Campaign / Msnbc.com “A Fuller Spectrum of News”
OMMA Awards, Winner, Integrated Online Campaign - B2B / “IBM” Play! 
OMMA Awards, Winner, Website Excellence-Business to Business / IBM “IBMblr”
Radio Mercury Awards, $5,000 Winner: CDNOW.com “Who Stole the Kishka?”
Sabre Awards, Gold, PR Consumer Marketing / Honest Tea “The Honest Store”
Silver Anvil Awards, Gold, PR Campaign / Msnbc.com “A Fuller Spectrum of News”
Telly Awards, Bronze, TV Single / Omnipoint Wireless
Yahoo! Big Idea Chair / Msnbc.com “NewsBreaker Live”




WIEDEN+KENNEDY / Creative Director / freelance / 2018 – present

TERRI & SANDY / Creative Director / permalance / 2016 – 2018

2017 Ad Age Small Agency of the Year
SunnyD, MaraNatha Nut Butters, Barba, The Hartford, Wyndham, Disney, new business

OGILVY / Creative Director / permalance / 2011 – 2016

IBM, E-Trade, BlackRock, Gap, new business

TBWA\Chiat\Day, The&Partnership, NBC News / freelance

Accenture, Arconic, The Wall Street Journal, Chase, MAC, Sony Music

JWT / Creative Director / 2010 – 2011


SS+K / Associate Creative Director + VP / 2005–2010

Honest Tea. Msnbc.com, Bud Light, Obama for America, Clio Awards, Anheuser Busch, IFC, Google, Sirius Satellite Radio, The One Show, Mobil 1, Environmental Defense Fund, Delta Airlines, new business

Hampel Stephanides, Hill Holliday, Ammirati Puris Lintas / Copywriter

CDNOW, Toshiba, Yellow Tail, Castrol, Neuberger Berman, Court TV, Comcast, BASF, Georges Duboeuf, Fatty Golf Open, Omnipoint Wireless, Aer Lingus, Loews Hotels, Colonial Highland Gathering, Southern Comfort, Burger King, Air France, new business




"Sam, you made your mark here. You hold a high place in the annals of the last few years."

Steve Simpson / CCO / Ogilvy & Mather North America

 "Sam is creativity with a V8 Hemi that someone took the liberty of adding a little after-market horsepower. Balances the commerce and art thing with campaigns that titillate, yet sell -- And, yes, I said titillate."

Bill Bergofin/ SVP Marketing / NBC Sports

 "I hired Sam because I thought he was a good copywriter with the potential to think beyond writing ads. What I got was a powerhouse of big non-traditional ideas. Digital ideas. Ambient ideas. Brand ideas. He was brilliant. He was tireless. He boldly went where he'd never been before. In advertising as in soccer, there are defenders and there are strikers. Sam is a striker of the first order. Hire him."

Marty Cooke / CCO / SS+K

“There’s aren’t enough superlatives to describe the talent of Sam Mazur.
Behind Sam’s calm, steady demeanor is a conceptual force. Time and time again, he solved many of our toughest challenges with award-winning work. Sam was the consummate professional, calling in from vacation to steer a production or push a campaign forward. Did I mention young creatives respect the hell out of him?”

Sandy Greenberg / CCO / Terri & Sandy