Creative Liberation Intelligence Organization (C.L.I.O.)


VIDEO: - Portal for the not-so-hush-hush world of the CL.I.O. 


The Clio Awards wanted to stand out from other awards shows and introduce a new suite of nontraditional award categories. So we parodied this emerging trend with an elaborate multichannel ruse of our own—a secret clandestine operation behind advertising creativity, the Creative Liberation Intelligence Organization. Infiltration Wire Taps

Under the cover of a job-seeking ad student, a C.L.I.O. operative looks to break into advertising at hot creative shops.

C.L.I.O recruitment video

To bring more attention to the C.L.I.O. we "leaked" this music video to bloggers and ad creatives . (That's me as Agent Sigma. Oops. Didn't mean to blow my cover.)

Covert call for Clio entries

An envelope stamped "confidential" was delivered to ad blogs and the entire Clio Awards mailing list, featuring reconnaissance materials, ad creative trade secrets and instructions for entering the competition.

Cryptic messages

Coded messages disguised in Clio Award adversing in Adweek, Creativity & Adage divuldged the not-so-secret,

Clio Cams on

"We planted mini spycams in previous winners' Clio trophies to catch next wave ideas, affairs and nose picks as they happen."