Escalator Rat
That time my commute blew up in the news

"This has got hit written all over it."

"Heroic, unstoppable subway rat fights
against all odds to go down escalator"

"Determined rat on an escalator is the
most satisfying thing you’ll see all year"
Metro UK

"This 12-second rat escalator video
proves literally nothing fazes busy New Yorkers"

USA Today

"Rodent on escalator perfectly
sums up rush-hour rat race" 

New York Post

"This Rat Racing Against Time
on a Busy Escalator Is a New Hero"

"Escalator Rat Makes Pizza Rat
Look Like a Total Slacker"
 Midtown Patch

"Subway Rat Vs. The Escalator"

"Rat Tries to Go Down Escalator
Wrong Way in Penn Station"

 NBC News

"Escalator Rat Has Much To Teach Us
About Holidays In The Big City
Huffington Post