IBM / Fractal Fest


To celebrate legendary math pioneer and IBM Fellow, Benoit Mandelbrot, IBM hosted a Fractal Fest across social media. Highlights included the Tumblr-hacking Fractalizer, an Errol Morris documentary film, a Reddit AMA and plenty of fractal GIFs.

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VIDEO: IBM Fractal Fest - integrated social campaign

Ever wonder why a river, 
looks like a tree, 
looks like a leaf?

So did Benoît Mandelbrot. He's the math whiz and IBM Researcher who discovered the hidden patterns behind all of nature.  He called them Fractals.



Fractals changed the way
we see the world. 

To celebrate his birthday, 
we changed the way
the world sees Fractals.

We coded our own fractal art
and blanketed it across social media.

fractal 1.gif

We turned every blog on Tumblr into fractals. 

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We premiered an
Errol Morris fractals film.

VIDEO; IBM Fractal Fest: Benoit Mandelbrot's last interview


We hosted an AMA on Reddit with two of Mandelbrot's closest colleagues from IBM Research and Yale University.

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We even baked a fractal cake.

It was delicious—and made the cover of Tumblr.


It was a Fractal Fest.

Fractal chatter traveled from Tumblr to newsfeeds and influential blogs like Fast Company, The Verge, The Atlantic and Gizmodo.

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