Honest Tea
The Most Honest City in America

Would people pay for a product they could take for free? 

No cashiers. No security. Just racks of Honest Tea and the honor systemWith little more than a clear plastic box, tea, and a sign requesting “$1.00 per bottle ” Honest Tea conducted a social experiment to test the honesty of American cities. Hidden cameras documented the human behavior at each location and our results were presented. The press drank it up, then Coca-Cola bought the brand. Honest Tea is now ubiquitous on store shelves across the nation.

Selected honors: 
Cannes Lion Gold, One Show, D&AD, Effie

VIDEO: Honest Tea - Most Honest City in America - integrated outdoor campaign


The search for the "Most Honest City in America" began with this pilot run, timed with President Obama's visit to NYC to admonish Wall Street's role in the 2008 financial crisis. The next day, this video made a splash in local media, setting the national campaign in motion.


Honest Tea still repeats the social experiment every year and crowns a new "Most Honest City" in their annual "National Honesty Index" report