MSNBC.COM / A Fuller Spectrum Of News

Research showed that users preferred more than any other source, because it spanned the entire news continuum—from the war in Afghanistan to American Idol. This insight led to an colorful graphic device that diffracted their coverage across a visual spectrum: A Fuller Spectrum of News blurred the lines between advertising and content, and introduced many new interactive innovations. These effort helped reach #1 in online news and became one of the year's most widely-awarded integrated campaigns.


Each medium had its own unique twist:

Weekly magazines

In this series of 38 ads, fresh news headlines took on fresh new meanings, while helping establish its wide-ranging coverage.



Spectra Visual Newsreader

"A Total Looker" 

Browse, play and interact with A Fuller Spectrum of News. This experimental 3D visualizer reimagined the news reading experience as an immersive, vortex of color—controllable by mouse, microphone or webcam.


NewsBreaker and its sequel, NewsBlaster, made headlines of their own, by turning current events into a competitive gaming experience. Both titles were released in a branded arcade cabinet, NewsArcade. Digital Cafe Digital Cafe at Rockefeller Plaza in New York gave the public a chance to interact with our experimental news technology.


VIDEO: The Today Show tries out NewsArcade and Spectra

NewsBreaker Live presents the world premiere of in-cinema crowd gaming. This inventive diversion give  audiences a new way to play together, and get the news, as they wait for their movie to start.

Human Joysticks project