BARBA / Strands For Trans


After uncovering a pattern of discrimination against the transgender community in the news, Barba Men's Grooming Boutique created Strands for Trans and led the fight against hate.

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When Haircuts Turn Hateful

In 2017, headlines about discrimination against transgender people in barbershops and salons began surfacing across the world. No one was doing anything about it. Then, a small New York City barbershop named Barba Men's Grooming Boutique decided to take a stand. With this launch video, they exposed the issue to ignite a movement.



Bringing Discrimination Out of the Closet

Trans men and women sat down for candid interviews and shared their stories about the fear, humiliation and rejection they face when getting a simple haircut.



Taking a Stand with Your Strands

Barba offered complimentary pink, white and blue stylings, a signature look inspired by the colors of the trans flag, for supporters to rock during Pride Month. It was the first time hair color was used as a media vehicle in a public service campaign.



A Fashion Legend Joins the Cause

Named “One of 100 Most Influential People in the World” by Time Magazine, fashion icon Marc Jacobs dropped by Barba to lend his enthusiastic support to the movement. He shared #StrandsForTrans and the signature pink, white & blue look to 2.5 million of his fans on Instagram and Twitter.



Putting Acceptance on the Map

The campaign website,, makes it easy for barbershops and hair salons to designate their store location as a discrimination-free business. It's an a invaluable tool for anyone fearful of discrimination based on gender identity.



Welcome Change

 Inspired by the trans flag, Strands for Trans reimagined the iconic barber pole and then circulated stickers as a welcome sign to trans men, women and teens fearful of discrimination.



14 Million Impressions During Pride Month

What started as an initiative to help the trans community feel welcome and accepted, sparked a trend of inclusivity that spread further and faster than anyone could have imagined. Within two weeks, trans-friendly barbershops and salons popped up in all 50 states, even the red ones. Today, safe spaces continue to spread across North America and Europe.