Back when a computer was just an engineer with a slide rule, IBM founder Tom Watson issued a simple challenge to his young workforce—THINK. The word stuck. And his motto still inspires.

THINK Patent Posters: US patent documents, reimagined

To honor IBM’s record-setting, 20-year winning streak for most US patents, IBM creatives set out to showcase the milestone in a manner worthy of the achievement— by transforming IBM's intellectual property and THINK motto into 20 works of art. 

Selected honors: 
Cannes Lion, One Show

VIDEO: IBM THINK Patent x 20 Posters series

20 designs for 20 years of record IBM innovation

Translating gobbledygook

I helped shepherd the global team of writers in transforming complex patent language into something playful and engaging.

More in the THINK series...

THINK App -  Puzzle Games

These web ads tested the problem solving skills of curious minds. Once IBM’s famous motto was revealed, a free download of IBM's new THINK App was granted. 

Selected honors:
Creativity Online


THINK: Man With Machine Posters
This series of THINK posters and animations was inspired by expert quotes about the promise of artificial intelligence. I wrote and helped the creation of this video. 

VIDEO: IBM THINK - Man With Machine series. 

THINK Exhibit Posters
The THINK series started with a poster and an outdoor ad campaign to promote the IBM THINK Exhibit, a temporary museum gallery at Lincoln Center, New York during IBM's centennial celebration. While primarily a showcase for great design, I helped out with the words.

VIDEO: IBM Think Exhibit series